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Famous Physicists and their inventions.

Albert Einstein: 

Discovered law of photo electric effect, general theory of relativity, the fourth dimension in physics etc.

A.P.J Abdul Kalam:

Indian Scientist known as missile man of India.

Dr. Homi J. Bhabha: 

He is the first Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission in India.

Dennis Papin:

Invented pressure cooker in 1674 E.G. Otis of USA invented lift in 1852.

Thomas Alva Edison: 

Thomas Alva Edison is known as the “Wizard of Menlo Park”. He invented electric bulb.


Invented the art of printing


Invented the modern printing press

G.S. Ohm: 

Discovered laws of electrical resistance

Alexander Graham Bell (1876) 

Invented microphone

Sir Humphrey Davy: 

Invented Miner’s safety lamp and laughing gas

John Logie Baird 1926: 

Invented Television

A.L. Breguet of France: 

Invented watch in 1791

Sir Isaac Pittman of Britain: 

Invented shorthand in 1837

Samuel Colt of USA: 

Invented revolver in 1836

Alfred Nobel: 

The Swedish Scientist and founder of Nobel Prize invented dynamite gun power in 1867

Henry Baqueral: 

Discovered natural radio-activity in 1896.


Discovered law of falling bodies.

James Harrison in 1851: 

Invented refrigeration

E. Torricelli: 

Invented barometer

C.A Vatta: 

Italian scientist invented electric battery

G Marconi (Italy): 

Invented Wireless wave in 1895

Robert H Goddard(USA): 

Invented Liquid Fuel Rocket.

John Bardeen, W. Bratttain and W. Shockley(all from U.S.A): 

Invented transistor in 1948

Hurley Co:

Electric Washing Machine was invented by an American company names Hurley machine Co.


Discovered nuclear model of the atom in 1911.

C.V Raman:

Discovered inelastic scattering of light by molecules

Meghnad Saha: 

Developed a consistent theory of spectral sequence of stars from the point of view of Atomic Theory.

E.C.G. Sudarshan: 

Invented the theory of tacheons.

Robert Oppenheimer 

He Is known as father of Atom Bomb

Otto Hahn: 

Discovered Nuclear Fission

Edward Teller: 

First developed the idea of Hydrogen Bomb


Propounded the Heliocentric theory.

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