History of Computer; A Basic Study

A computer is a fast and accurate electronic symbol processing machine that can accept store and process data and can provide useful information as output. Computers are widely used because of their capabilities such as speed, accuracy and storage and retrieval facility and reliability.

The computer is divided into two parts, hardware and software.

(a) Hardware is the electrical and electronic components of a computer that can be seen and touched.
(b) Software is the collection of programs written for computers to perform certain tasks.

A computer programme refers to the range of programs that are used to make the computer perform various functions.

The three important parts of a computer are Input device,  Output device and Central Processing Unit (CPU) Multimedia uses a combination of various media such as, audio, video, text, graphics and animation to entertainment and for teach.

All computers are based on the binary system. Binary system is based on zero and one

Boolean algebra was developed to deal with binary numbers. The first computer game is SPACE WAR MAINFRAME is a large computer system with high storage and processing capabilities. Mouse is a device for moving the cursor on the screen of a computer. Mouse was invented by Douglas Carl Engelbart.

Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) – The portion of the central processing unit that make all the decisions for the microprocessor, based on mathematical and logic functions that it performs

High level languages are the languages used by men to operate a computer. Some important high level languages are BASIC COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL, ALGOL, LIST, JAVA, C++ etc. COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) is the widely used language for business applications. Nicklaus Mirth is the creator of PASCAL Language. “C” language is created by Dennis M Richie.

Compiler is a transitory program which translates the high level languages in to machine language. MICROFILM is a media for recording computer output data.

Computer virus is a term applied to a program that can damage other programs stored on a computer. The virus program can spread from one computer from another usually through shared software. Virus actually stands for Vital Information Resources Under Siege. Virus actually stands for Vital Information Resources Under Siege. The first solid state computer was produced by USA on 1960. IBM 7090 is the first, second generation computer. IBM 360 was the name of first third generation computer and it was introduced on 1965. The first computer to use transistor for instead of vacuum tubes – IBM 1401.

The first Microprocessor used in a personal computer is 8080. A Microprocessor is a component of a computer that determines its speed.

The Operating System is a Software program which brings life to the hardware of the Computer. It enables the operator to control the various functions of the computer. It analysis of input instructions and decodes them so that the computer can act on them.

This is the global pool of information held on computer networks connected by sophisticated transmission technology that can be accessed by anyone.

Word processing is a software program used for creating documents. It can create various types of layouts and designs if required. The main advantage of a word processor is that if a similar letter is to be sent to a lot of people.

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