Kerala PSC Excise Guard Previous Exam Questions and Answer.

(1)The first Indian Navy Ship that returned home recently after voyage around the globe is ……………….?
Ans: INS Tarangini

(2)The number of nominated members of Rajya Sabha is?
Ans: 12

(3)The chief election commission appointed by?
Ans: The President

(4)Chipko movement is associated with?
Ans: Protection of environment

(5)Stock exchange in India is regulated by?

(6)Who is the author of India in the new millennium?
Ans: Dr. P.C. Alexander

(7)The highest observatory in the world is situated in?
Ans: India

(8)In our state sandal wood is cultivated at?
Ans: Marayur

(9)All nations have been observing…….every year as no tobacco day?
Ans: 31 May

(10)”Merdeka Cup” is associated with?
Ans: Football

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