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Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Grade II practice questions and answers.

(1) What is the name of the biggest part of the human brain?  

Ans : The cerebrum

(2) The bones that make up your spine are called?
Ans : Vertebrae

(3) The outside layer of skin on the human body is called the.......? 
Ans : Epidermis

(4) The two holes in your nose are called? 
Ans : Nostrils

(5) The coccyx bone is better known as.........?
Ans : Tailbone

(6) Which vitamin helps in clotting of blood?
Ans : Vitamin K

(7) Food is normally digested in the............?
Ans : Small Intestines 

(8) Who proposed the mutation theory of evolution?
Ans : Hugo de Vries

(9) Who is called Father of Immunology?
Ans : Edward Jenner

(10) The scientific name of the Honeybee is.......?
Ans : Apis mellifera

(11) The free living soil bacteria which fixes nitrogen is called........?
Ans : Azotobacter

(12) The scientist who is known as father of modern biology is.........?
Ans : Aristotle

(13) The density of milk is measured by?
Ans : Lactometer

(14) What are the three parts of the spine called?
Ans :  Cervical, thoracic and lumbar

(15) What is the name of the major artery at the side of the neck?
Ans : Carotid

(16) What is the scientific name for the tube connecting the mouth with the stomach?
Ans : Oesophagus.

(17) Which organ makes urine?
Ans : Kidney

(18) Which artery supplies the kidney with blood?
Ans : Renal artery.

(19) Which organ destroys old red blood cells?
Ans : Spleen.

(20) The lungs, nose, and trachea are part of which organ system?
Ans : The lungs, nose, and trachea are part of the respiratory system

(21) What's the biggest organ in human body?
Ans : Skin - Skin is the largest organ in the human body (The largest internal 
organ is the liver).

(22) What is melanin?
Ans : A pigment that determines your skin color

(23) Who has more bones, adults or children?
Ans : children

(24) Bones are part of...........system?
Ans : Skeletal Systems

(25) Where is the humerus located?
Ans : In the upper arm

(26) How many percentage of the human body is water?
Ans : 66%. 

(27) What is the name of the disease in man arising out of Vitamin B deficiency ?
(a) Scurvy
(b) Beriberi
(c) Pellagra
(d) Gingivitis
Ans : Beriberi

(28) Which of the following diseases is associated with Vitamin C deficiency ?
(a) Psoriasis
(b) Scurvy
(c) Pellagra
(d) Vitiligo
Ans : Scurvy

(29) What is the best test to detect breast cancer in its earliest form?
Ans : Mammogram

(30) Which factors increase your risk for osteoporosis?
Ans :  Inactive lifestyle

(31) What is the study of human anatomy called?
Ans : Anthropotomy

(32) What is the appendix attached to?
Ans : Cecum

(33) The hindbrain is also known as the.........?
Ans : Rhombencephalon

(34) What do we call a muscle that extends a limb?
Ans : Extensor

(35) Human Body Systems

(a) Skeletal System
(b) Muscular System
(c) Nervous System
(d) Respiratory System
(e) Cardiovascular System
(f) Lymphatic System
(g) Endocrine System
(h) Digestive System
(i)Urinary System
(j) Integumentary System
(k) Male Reproductive System
(l) Female Reproductive System

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