About Food, Fruits and Vegetables

1. When was cone ice-cream introduced?
Ans: In 1904

2. Which is the only fruit that contains fat?

Ans: Avocado

3. Which university has a separate department for the researches on ice-cream?  

Ans: Ohio University

4. Name the Asian Country that invented ice-cream?

Ans: China

5. Which element in fish and egg helps to build up memory power?

Ans: Coline

6. Where was the world’s first coffee shop started in 1645?

Ans: Vienna (Austria)

7. Which was praised as “The Golden Fruit” by the ancient Persians?

Ans: Banana

8. Which the mother land of Pumpkin?

Ans: Malaysia

9. Who introduced potatoes in England?

Ans: Sir. Walter Raleigh

10. Which object in Carrot is changed to Vitamin A and made use of by our body?

Ans: Carotene

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