Important Scientific Instruments and usages

1. The Instrument to measure relative humidity?

Ans: Hygrometer

2. An Instrument to compare the luminous intensity of the sources of light?
Ans: Photometer

3. The Instrument to measure the angular distances between two objects?
Ans: Sextant

4. The apparatus used for measuring blood pressure?
Ans: Sphygmomanometer

5. A small device used to amplify current and perform the functions usually carried out by thermionic valve?
Ans: Transistor

6. An adjustable scale to measure the small sub divisions?
Ans: Vernier

7. A thermometer which measures very high temperatures?
Ans: Pyrometer

8. The Instrument which measure heat radiation?
Ans: Radio micrometer.

9. The Instrument which determines the concentration of salt solutions?
Ans: Salinometer

10. The Instrument which creates three dimensional images body tissues?
Ans: CAT Scanner

11. A Device which measures density?
Ans: Densimeter

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