Kerala PSC Assistant/Auditor Exam Practice Questions and Answers.

(A) Quantitative Aptitude

(1) . Test 75,243 for divisibility by 2, 3, 5, 9, or 10.
Ans : 3

(2) A triangle with one angle greater than 90 degrees.

Ans : obtuse triangle

(3) 49 : 56 = n : 48, Solved for n?

Ans : n = 42

(4) What is 35% of a number if 12 is 15% of a number?

Ans : 28 

(5) Ravi runs at 15.6 km/hr. How many metres does he runs in 2 minutes?

Ans : 520 metres

(6) 2,3,6,8,18,108,……

Ans : 1944

(7) WhatisthevalueofCos80/Sin10+Cos59Cosec 31?

Ans : 2

(8) The investments of three persons A,B and C in a business are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4. If the total investments

is Rs.270,000 the share of B is?
Ans : Rs.90,000

(9) If Rat is MAT and MAT is HAT, then what is HAT?

Ans : CAT

(10) If (x+y) : (x-y) = 3:2, What is x:y?

Ans : 5 : 1

(B) Mental Ability and Test of Reasoning

(1) FRANCE = DPYXGJ  :  BRAZIL = ………….?


(2) 8,27,64,………?

Ans : 125

(3) 3 = 1, 4 = 5, 5 = 9, 6 = 13, 8 = …….?

Ans : 21

(4) HOTEL = 60, CAR = 22 Then SCOOTER = ?

Ans : 95

(5) A and B  together caught 60 frogs. If a caught 4 times as B, how many did B catch?

Ans : 12

(6) If January 1st 1985 was Tuesday, December 31, 1981 was?

Ans : Thursday

(7) Two Chairs are sold for Rs. 80 each one at a gain of 20% and the other at a loss of 20%. The net loss

percentage is?
Ans : 4

(8) If a sum of money at simple interest double itself in 6 years. It will become four times in…….years?

Ans : 14 Years

(9) If (1+1/m) = (m+1)/m. then what does ‘m’ equal?

Ans : M is any number except 0

(10) When ‘n’ is divided by 4, the remainder is 3, What is the remainder when ‘2n’ is divided by 4?

Ans : 1

(C) General Science

(1) When a gas turns into a liquid, the process is called?

Ans : condensation

(2) An eclipse of the Sun takes place?

Ans : When the moon passes between the sun and the earth

(3) The formula of Plaster of Paris is…….?

Ans : 2CaSO4, H2O

(4) The powerful source of ultraviolet radiation is

Ans : Sun

(5) The gas usually filled in the electric bulb is?

Ans : Nitrogen

(6) The average salinity of sea water is…?

Ans : 3.5%

(7) The normal adult heart rate is….?

Ans : 72 beats per minute

(8) The study of flowers………?

Ans : Anthology

(9) Which instrument is used for measuring temperature ?

Ans : Thermometer

(10) Astigmatism is a……disorder?

Ans : Visual

(D) Current Affairs – 2012

(1) Shinzo Abe was elected Japan’s prime minister

(2) South Korea elected its first woman President, Park Geun-hye

(3) Which country got the second place in Search Queries for Education on Google?

Ans :  India

(4) Which state got the 2nd place in “Environmental well-being state”?

Ans : Andhra Pradesh

(5) Former Head of the Russian department at the Kerala University who has been awarded the Pushkin award of the Russian Federation?

Ans : K. Govindan Nair

(6) The upcoming Ultra Mega Power Projects(UMPPs) at Cheyyur and Sarguja are located respectively in?

Ans : Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh

(7) Bank of Baroda has recently opened its first branch in South Africa

(8) 43rd International Film Festival is held in Nov.2012?

Ans : Goa

(9) Japan-based Nissan Motor Co. Ltd’s electric car is the largest-selling car in the world that runs on battery. What is the name of that electric car?

Ans : Leaf

(10) In which country the  Industrial “Canton Fair” is going to be held?

Ans : China

(E) Facts about India

(1) India is the 7th largest and the 2nd most populous country in the world. 

(2) The smallest neighbouring country of India is Bhutan.

(3) Nine Degree Channel is in Lakshadweep.

(4) Waga Border lies between India and Pakistan.

(5) National Anthem was originally composed in Bangali, It was translated into English by Tagore himself in 1919.

(6) National Animal : The Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigiris)

(7) Crdamom is found mainly in Karnataka, Kerala, Sikkim and Tamil Nadu.

(8) Rajasthan leads in the production of coriander.

(9) Indian climate is greatly influenced by the presence of Himalayas in the north and Indian Ocean in the south.

(10) The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) divide the soils found in the country in to 8 major groups.

Alluvial soil, Black soil, Red soil, Laterite soil, Forest soil, Arid and Desert soils, Saline and Alkali soils and Peaty and Organic soils
are the eitht groups of soils

(F) Facts about Kerala

(1) The prehistoric people of Kerala belonged to the Negrito and Proto Astraloids.

(2) The only Muslim kingdom is Kerala was the Arakkal Kingdom.

(3) Kerala is the leading producer of coconut in India.

(4) Important dance forms of Kera are Kathakali, Ottamthullal, Mohiniyattam, etc..

(5) The first malayalee to be elected to the Rajya Sabha was Sardar K.M. Panickar.

(6) The most industrialised district in Kerala is Ernakulam.

(7) The smallest district of Kerala is Alappuzha, It is also the most densely populated district in Kerala

(8) Kumaly is known as the gateway of Thekkady.

(9) The longest River?

Ans : Periyar

(10) Arundhati Roy became the first Malayalee to win the Booker Prize, the most prestigious award given to fiction written in English

in the Commonwealth Countries.

Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi

Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi was a sanyasi from Kerala, India who founded the Ananda Maha Sabha and Anandamatham. An atheist, he denounced idol worship and religions. He propounded the theory that ananda should be the touchstone of any human activity

Chattampi Swamikal

Sree Vidyadhiraja Parama Bhattaraka Chattampi Swamikal was a Hindu sage and social reformer. His thoughts and work influenced the launching of many social, religious, literary and political organizations

Narayana Guru

Narayana Guru, also known as Gurudevan, was a Hindu saint, sadhu and social reformer of India. 
Born: August 20, 1856, Chempazhanthy
Died: September 20, 1928, Madras Presidency


Vagbhatananda, one of the prominent reformist leaders in the northern part of Kerala was another spiritual mentor who had closer relationship with Brahmananda Siva Yogi.

Thycaud  Ayya

The Yogi Sivarajayogi Ayya Swami Thiruvadikal was the Guru of Sri Narayana Guru , Chattampi Swamikal and Ayyankali.

Poikayil  Yohannan

Poykayil  Yohannan (also spelled Poikayil Johannan) known as Poikayil Appachan to his followers, or Kumara Gurudevan, was a Dalit activist, poet, Christian preacher and the founder of the socio-religious movement.

Vakkom Moulavi

Vakkom Muhammed Abdul Khadir Moulavi, popularly known as Vakkom Moulavi was a social reformer, teacher, prolific writer, Muslim scholar, journalist, freedom fighter and newspaper proprietor in Travancore.

Kuriakose Elias Chavara

Kuriakose Elias Chavara, T.O.C.D. was the co-founder and first Prior General of the first congregation for men in the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, now known as the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate.

(G) Constitution of India and Civil Rights

(H) General English

(I) Information Technology and Cyber Laws

(1) Nobert Weiner – the first to use the term “Cybernetics”

(2) Karel Capek was the first to use the term ‘robot’ in a play named ‘Rossum’s Universal Robots’.

(3) Father of Internet : Glen Reckort

(4) Mr. Ray Tomlinson introduced E-mail.

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