Kerala PSC Science Questions and Answers for upcoming exams.

1. Who was the inventor of stainless steel?
2. Biological death of a patient means the death of tissues of the 
Ans: Brain

3. The venom of the Cobra acts on
4. Who first proposed the concept of Atomic Number?
5. Which acid is present in Tomato?
6. Total number of bones in the human body
 Ans: 206

7. Hardest substance in the human body
8. Hearing frequency of human ear
Ans: 20Hz to 20000Hz

9. Cane Juice contains which type of sugar
Ans: Sucrose

10. The protecting membrane which cover the heart
Ans: Pericardium

11. The Vitamin required to clotting of blood-
Ans: Vitamin K

12. Which blood group is considered as a universal recipient?
Ans: Group AB

13. What is called suicidal bags?
Ans: Lysosome

14. The Balancing organ of our body is called
Ans: Ear

15. The largest sense organ of our body
Ans: Skin

16. The smallest bone in the human body
Ans: Stepes

17. Which hormone is called the emergency hormone?
Ans: Adrenaline

18. The Vitamins which are soluble in water
Ans: Vitamin B and C

19. The Vitamins which are soluble in fat
Ans: Vitamin A, D, E, K

20. The disease caused by the deficiency of protein
Ans: Kwashiorkar

21. The Vitamin which is produced by the influence of sunlight
Ans: Vitamin D

22. The elements which harden the tooth
Ans: Fluorine

23. The alkaloid present in coffee
Ans: Caffeine

24. A local anesthetic from natural source?
Ans: Cocaine

25. The sugar present in milk
Ans: Lactose

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