Kerala PSC Training

Kerala PSC Selected Questions and Answer for upcoming examinations.

(1) Which is the newest country formed out of the former Yugoslavia? – Montinegro
(2) What is the name of the group of the most industrialized countries in the world? – G8
(3) Which country is called “Playground of Europe”? – Switzerland
(4) Which country is known as the “Sick Man of Europe”? – Turkey
(5) Which country is called “Land of Thousand Lakes”? – Finland
(6) Which country is called ” Sugar Bowl of World”? – Cuba
(7) Who defined democracy as “Government of the people, for the people and by the people”? – Abraham Lincon
(8) Which is the most populous city in the world? – Tokyo
(9) Which religion has the largest followers in the world? – Christianity
(10) Which is the parent religion of both Christianity and Islam? – Judaism
(11) Confucius was a great philosopher and religious leader. Which country did he belong to? – China
(12) Which democratic country has a queen as its head? – Britain
(13) What is Chandrayaan – 1? – India’s space mission to moon.
(14) Which state has the highest density of population in India? – West Bengal
(15) Where is the headquarters of National School of Drama? – New Delhi

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