Land mark in the development of human civilization

(1) Which of these was first major invention of man?
(a) Metal
(b) Fire
(c) Agriculture
(d) Wheel
Ans : Fire

(2) What do you mean by Homo Sapiens?
Ans : Thinking Man

(3) Which metal was first discovered by man?
Ans : Copper

(4) Democracy had its origin in
Ans : Greece

(5) Man appeared on the earth less than…….. years ago?
Ans : One Million

(6) Biologically man belongs to the family of…….?
Ans : Mammals

(7) The human being evolved out of……………?
Ans : Apes

(8) Where did early civilization develop?
Ans : In the river valleys

(9) Who invented printing press?
Ans : Johann Guttenberg

(10) Which Chinese emperor built the great wall of China?
Ans : Shi Huang Ti

(11) Who is called the father of Natural Science?
Ans : Socrates

(12) Who is called the father of Medicine?
Ans : Hippocrates

(13) Who laid the foundation of European Civilization?
Ans : Greeks

(14) Which was the first animal early man tamed?
Ans : Dog

(15) Who gave the first code of law to the world?
Ans : Hammurabi, the king of Babylon

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