PSC Questions and Answers 2013

PSC Questions and Answers 2013
(1) Tachometer is a device used to measure-
Ans : Revolutions per minute

(2) Which chemical is used to remove acidity in stomach?
Ans : Magnesium Hydroxide

(3) Pure water is obtained from sea water by process called?
Ans : Distillation

(4) The unit used to measure the energy in food-
Ans : Calorie

(5) Who prepared ‘Soda Water’ for the first time?
Ans : Joseph Priestly

(6) Which is the important Carbohydrate present in plants?
Ans : Starch

(7) Which was the first metal made by man?
Ans : Copper

(8) Tibia bone is present in which part of our body-
Ans : Leg

(9) What is Scheele’s green?
Ans : Cupric Arsenite

(10) Contact lenses are made from?
Polymethyl Metacrylate

(11) Who invented Xerox copying?
Ans : C.F. Carryson

(12) ‘Glioma’ is a type of tumor affecting-
Ans : Brain

(13) Which is known as animal starch?
Ans : Glycogen

(14) Which is the edible portion of a Mango?
Ans : Mesocarp

(15) Which is the least hard material?
Ans : Talc

(16) Which is the heaviest of the solar system?
Ans : The Sun

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