PSC Rank Making Points on Geography

Kerala PSC repeating questions on Geography.

1. Tibet is known as the land of snows

2. Sahara desert is Africa is one of the hottest places in the world.

3. Tibet is known as the “Roof of the world” because it is very high and remote.

4. Fujiama or Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan with a height of 3776 m.  It is a cone-shaped volcanic mountain which erupted last in 1707.

5. Japan is made of a bow shaped chain of 3000 island. The biggest island is Honshu.

6. Maldives is a chain of almost 2000 islands in the south west of India in the Indian Ocean.

7. Siberia has the coldest inhabited place in the world where winter temperature drops to -67 degree Celsius.

8. Lake Baikal is the largest fresh water lake in Asia and Europe.

9. Bahrain which is made up of Island in the Persian Gulf is called a desert island.

10. The Great Wall of China is the longest wall on earth. It stretches for 2400 KM from western China to the yellow sea. It was built about 2000 years ago by the first emperor of China Shih Huang Ti. This man-made structure can be seen from space.

11. Indonesia is a country made up of a chain of over 3000 islands in south east Asia

12. The name Singapore means “City of the Lions”. The capital city of the Singapore is also known as in the same name.

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