Science and Technology – basic general knowledge questions

     1.Which device is used to study the way and object behaves when the air flows over it?
      Ans: Wind Tunnel

2. The part of a computer that shows visual information on a screen.
      Ans: Visual Display Unit (VDU)

3. What are the machines used to check the progress of unborn babies still in the mother’s womb?
      Ans: Ultra Sound Machines

4. A type glass that is highly resistant to heat.
      Ans: Borosilicate Glass

5. The process of killing diseases producing micro organism in food items by heat.
      Ans: Pasteurization

6. Tuberculosis is caused by it.
      Ans: Bacteria

7. A device used to measure the strength of magnetic field.
      Ans: Magnetometer

8. A strip of flexible plastic with magnetic coating that is used to record sound and pictures.
      Ans: Magnetic Tape

9. A method of growing plants without soil.
      Ans: Hydroponics

10. Electricity produced from falling water.
      Ans: hydroelectricity

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