Kerala PSC Exam Questions and Answers

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on the World, Institutions, Honours, India, Communications, Consumer Awareness, Earth, Civilization, Human Body, Sports and Films.

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on the World

(1) Which of these is the religion of the Parsis? – Zorastrianism
(2) Which is the smallest country in the world? – Vatican City
(3) Which country is the largest in size? – Russia
(4) Which of these countries is a whole continent? – Australia
(5) Which of these is called Sugar Bowl of the world? – Cuba

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on Institutions

(1) The name United Nations was suggested by
Ans : Franklin D Roosevelt

(2) The United Nations Day is celebrated every year on…….?
Ans : 24 October

(3) Which bank is called the Banker’s Bank?
Ans : Reserve Bank of India

(4) Where is Council of Scientific and Industrial Research located?
Ans : Delhi

(5) Where is the headquarters of Indian Oil Corporation?
Ans : Mumbai

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on Honours

(1) Which of these countries was the winner of FIFA World Cup Soccer 2006?
Ans : Italy

(2) Which of these is the greatest and the most prestigious international award?

(a) Oscar Award

(b) Magsaysay Award

(c) Nobel Prize

(d) Booker Prize

Ans : Nobel Prize


(3) Who among these is the only industrialist to receive Bharat Ratna?

(a) Visweswariah

(b) J.R.D. Tata

(c) C. Subramaniam

(d) B.C. Roy

Ans : J.R.D. Tata


(4) In Which year was the first Nobel Prize awarded?

Ans : 1901


(5) Who is the recipient of Dadasaheb Phalke Award, 2004?

Ans : Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on India


(1) Who was the first European to find a sea route to India?

Vasco da Gama


(2) Who were the first European to come to India for trade?

Ans : The Portuguese


(3) Who is the architect of modern India?

Ans : Jawaharlal Nehru


(4) In which year was Indian National Congress founded?

Ans : 1885


(5) Who is known as “Frontier Gandhi“?

Ans : Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on Communications


(1) The language in which  the largest number of newspapers are published is…….?

Ans : Hindi


(2) Which was the first English newspaper published in India?

Ans : Bengal Gazette


(3) Which is the oldest Dravidian languages?

Ans : Tamil


(4) Next to India which is the largest spoken language in India?

Ans : Bengali


(5) Telephone service was introduced in India in the year?

Ans : 1918

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on Consumer Awareness


(1) ONIDA is the trade name of……..?

Ans : Television


(2) What is the brand name Maruti stand for?

Ans : It is the brand name of the car produced by Maruti Udyog


(3) ‘Sunola’ is the trade name of……….?

Ans : Cooking Oil


(4) What does Raymonds stand for?

Ans : Fabrics


(5) Apcolite is the brand name of a paint. Whose product is it?

Ans : Asian Paints

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on Earth


(1) Which is the most water polluted river in India?

Ans : Ganga


(2) Energy from which of these fuels does not cause pollution?

(a) Coal

(b) Petroleum

(c) Solar

(d) Nuclear

Ans : Solar


(3) The world Environment Day is celebrated on?

Ans : June 5th


(4) More than which of these decibel of sound harm to the hearing capacity of ears?

Ans : 80 Decibel


(5) What are fossil fuels?

Ans : Coal, Petroleum and natural gas

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on Civilization


(1) Democracy had its origin in

Ans : Greece


(2) The human being evolved out of………..?

Ans : Apes


(3) Who invented printing press?

Ans : Johann Guttenberg


(4) Which country is formerly known as Mesopotamia?

Ans : Iraq


(5) Which is the oldest religious book in the world?

Ans : Vedas

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on Huban Body


(1) Which organ in our body functions with out any rest?

Ans : Heart


(2) Which of the following gives the sense of touch?

Ans : Skin


(3) One of the following is not a sense organ. Which one is it?

(a) ear

(b) eye

(c) mouth

(d) nose

Ans : Mouth


(4) Which is the strongest bone in the body?

Ans : The shin bone


(5) Which is the largest organ in the body?

Ans : Skin

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on Sports


(1) The first Indian woman who took part in the final of an Olympic event?

Ans : P.T.Usha


(2) Prakash Padukone is a famous palyer in?

Ans : Badminton


(3) Which is the only nation to have won the World Cup Soccer 5 times?

Ans : Brazil


(4) Who was the captain of the Indian Cricket Team which won the World Cup in 1983?

Ans : Kapil Dev


(5) Who is the greatest footballer the world has ever seen?

Ans : Pele

Kerala PSC exam questions and answers on Films


(1) Which country is the famous film maker Akira Kurosawa belong to?

Ans : Japan


(2) In which year was the First International Film Festival in India held in Mumbai?

Ans : 1952


(3) Which is the highest award given for outstanding contribution to Indian Cinema?

Ans : Dadasaheb Phalke Award


(4) Which is the first feature film made in India?

Ans : Raja Harichandra


(5) Which film star is called ‘the Big B’?

Ans : Amitab Bachan

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