Kerala PSC Science Questions and Answers

(1) The branch of science that deals with mountains is called?
Ans : Orography

(2) The mental and physical states of mankind is called?
Ans : Anthropology

(3) Fluid portion of blood is called?
Ans : Plasma

(4) The joint at elbow, knee and fingers is called?
Ans : Hinge Joints

(5) Children should be given food with enough calcium and vitamin D in order to avoid which disease?
Ans : Rickets

(6) Which cures constipation and acts like a laxative?
Ans : Grapes

(7) What is the main ingredient of souffle?
Ans : Egg White

(8) Which commonly drunk beverage was once used a medicine in China?
Ans :  Tea

(9) Where is vitamin E available?
Ans : In vegetable oils

(10) Where are proteins present in sufficient quantity?
Ans : Pulses

(11) Which country is noted for ‘birds nest soup’?
Ans : China

(12) What salt solution is used for curing meat and canning vegetables?
Ans : Brine

(13) What is the food of the brain?
Ans : Glucose

(14) Grapes contain potassium salts and water. This makes them what?
Ans : A good diuretic

(15) Solids with definite shape or structure is called?
Ans : Amorphous Solids

(16) Why did tooth decay commonly caused?
Ans : Because of food between them

(17) Which gland produces tears?
Ans : Lacrymal gland

(18) Which hormone promotes child birth?
Ans : Oxytocin

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