Kerala PSC Tourist Information Officer Detailed Syllabus

Further details regarding main topics of Kerala PSC Tourist Information Officer.


(CATEGORY NO. 442/2011) 


(a) Basics in Tourism

Tourism concepts – definitions – historical background; ancient era, medieval landmarks and modern development; Mass Tourism, Alternate Tourism, Ecotourism, Responsible Tourism – Tourists – definitions & classifications – Impacts of Tourism; Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts – Tourism System; generating region, transit region and receiving region – types of tourism; international, domestic, inter & intraregional Tourism -Tourism Industry – Nature and Characteristics of Tourism Industry – Components of Tourism; Attractions – types, importance and characteristics – Accommodation – types and classification, Accessibility – types of transportation and importance, Amenities – Stakeholders in Tourism Industry; Tourist, Business People, Government, NGOs, Communities, Travel Tour Operators and Others – Roles and Responsibilities – Tourist Destination; Nature and Characteristics, Components – Destination Choice Process; Determining Factors, the Destination Experience of Tourists.

(b) Travel Geography of India

Physical Geographical features of India – Mountains and Valleys, Forest and Wildlife, Coastal Areas – Deserts, Vegetation, Rivers,-takes and Oceans, Climate and Vegetation, Islands – Cultural Geography of India – Historical events, landmarks and mile stones – influence of various Invasions on Indian Culture – Social structure and Divisions of India – Major Destinations in North India, South India, North – Eastern India, Western India- Locations, Attractions, Accessibility – Major Airports – IATA Codes – Tourism resources of India- Natural tourism Resources of India – Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks – Cultural tourism resources – Fairs and Festivals — Dance forms and Music – Art and Architecture and its importance in Tourism development in India- Rail Tourism in India and Facilities – Heritage Sites (UNESCO Sites) and Attractions .