Geography questions and answers for LDC

PSC Questions and Answers on Geography

1. The Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf are connected by the:
(a) Palk Strait
(b) Strait of Bab-el-Mandep
(c) Hormuz Strait
(d) Strait of Massina
Ans : Hormuz Strait
2. New York is situated on the river
Ans : Hudson
3. The difference between Indian Standard Time and Greenwich Mean Time is
Ans : 5 1/2 hours
4. The largest city founded on the river Ravi is
Ans : Lahore
5. In India Standard Time is fixed on the basis of standard meridian which passes through
Ans : Allahabad
6. Which is the highest building in the world?
Ans : Burj Khalifa, Dubai
7. The earth’s rotation does not cause
Ans : Difference in time between two meridians
8. The largest population city in India is…………?
Ans : Mumbai
9. Which is the longest platform in India?
Ans : Kharagpur
10. An extremely narrow stretch of land joining two large areas is known as:
Ans : Isthumus
11. Biggest Planet is :
Ans : Jupiter
12. Most populous city city of the world :
Ans : Tokyo
13. Biggest producer of sugarcane in the world is :
Ans : Cuba
14. The diameter of earth is approximately :
Ans : 7900 miles
15. The brightest planet is :
Ans : Venus
16. The coldest planet is :
Ans : Pluto
17. The smallest planet is :
Ans : Pluto
18. The planet nearest to Sun is :
Ans : Mercury
19. The diameter of Sun is how many times greater than of earth?
Ans : 109
20. The Sun is :
Ans : A Mass of hot gases
21. Which country in the world is having the highest production of wheat?
Ans : U.S.A
22. Martin Luther King was assassinated in :
Ans : 1968
23. Pushyabhuti dynasty ruled over :
Ans : Theneshwar
24. The first President of the United States of America was :
Ans : George Washington
25. The rulers of which of the following established the largest dominion in Southern India?
(a) Pallavas
(b) Chalukyas
(c) Cholas
(d) None of these
Ans : Cholas

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