Kerala PSC Mechanic Exam Syllabus

Kerala PSC conducting Mechanic exam syllabus.
Department : Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Ltd.
Category No. 287/2012

Kerala PSC Examination Programme August 2013

Part – I

Motor Mechanic / Tractor Mechanic / Agriculture Machinery Mechanic

1. Shock Absorbs :- Function, Types, Hydraulic Shock Absorbs

2 Steering Geometry:- Checking and adjusting wheel alignment, camber angle, caster angle, kingpin inclination, toe-in, toe-out.

3. Brake System:- Function, Types of Brake, Power Brake, Hydraulic Brake, Air Brake

4. Clutch:- Function, Types of Clutch, Cone Clutch, Hydraulic Operated Clutch, Multi Plate Clutch.

5. Fluid Fly Wheel:- Introduction. Main parts of fluid fly wheel, Torque converter.

6. Gear Box:- Resistance on Moving Vehicle, Gear Ratio, Mechanic Advantage using gear, Types of Gears.

7. Engine:- Spark Ignition Engine, 4Stroke and 2Stroke Engine

8. Compression Ignition Engine, 4Stroke and 2Stroke Engine

9. Vankel Engine and Turbine

10. Engine Components:- Piston, Rings, Crank Shaft, Fly wheel, Bearing, Valve, Timing Gears.

11. Cooling System:- Necessity of Cooling System, Air cooling, Water cooling

12. Lubricating System: Necessity of Lubricating System, Forced Lubricating System, Oil Pump, Oil Cooler, Oils, Oil relief Valve, Oil Pressure Gauge.

13. Fuel Supply System: Gravity Feed System, Force Feed System, Carburettor, Fuel Injection Pump, Injector, Governor (Speed), Feed Pump.

Part – II


(1) Marking and Measuring Tools :

Measuring Tools :

Surface Plate – Scriber – Caliper – Trammel – Punches – Surface Gauge – V block – protractor – combination set ( including safety rules).

(2) Hand Tools: