Kerala PSC Questions

1. Who were the early occupants of Kerala?
Ans : The Nigritos

2. Which harbour in Kerala played the most important role in having commercial relationship with other countries?
Ans : Musiris (Kodungalloor)

3. Which was the capital of the Chera kings?
Ans : Vanchi

4. Who was the most prominent of the Chera kings?
Ans : Nedum Cheralathan

5. Which poetry refers to the progeny of the Chera kings?
Ans : Sangha Kavya

6. When was Kulachal war held?
Ans : 1741

7. Which was the famous Tamil literacy piece of Kulashekhara Alwar?
Ans : Perumal Thirumozhi (A.D 800 – 820)

8. Who guided the Naval Force of the Samorins?
Ans : The Kunjalis

9. Who wrote ‘Vikrameeyam’
Ans : Mana Vikrama

10. Who presided over the first ‘Mamangam’?
Ans : Valluvakonathiri

11. Who were the first Europeans to reach Kerala?
Ans : The Portuguese

12. In which year did the Portuguese sailor Vascoda Gama landed Kozhikode?
Ans : 1498

13. When was Pazhassi Raja Assassinated?
Ans : 30 Nov, 1805

15. In which year was the famous ”Kundara Proclamation’?
Ans : Jan, 1809

16. In which year was ‘Malabar Agitation’ held?
Ans : 1921

17. When was “Guruvayoor Satyagraha” held?
Ans : 1931 – 32

18. In which Punnapra Vayalar Agitation held?
Ans : 1946

19. Who was elected as the Chief Minister in the 1948 election of Kochi?
Ans : E. Ikkanda Warrier

20. When was Kochi concoursed with Travancore?
Ans : Ist July 1949

21. Where is turquoise mined in Kerala?
Ans : Nedumangad

22. Which is the first English Medium School in Kerala?
Ans : Mattancheri English School

23. Which is the first railway route of Kerala?
Ans : Tirur – Bepur (1861)

24. Which renowned king is known as “Garbhasriman”?
Ans : Swathi Tirunal

25. Which place in Kerala is known as the Charity of Pamba?
Ans : Kuttanad 

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