Kerala PSC Electrician Grade-II (Printing – Govt. Presses) Syllabus & Examination Date

Kerala PSC  detailed syllabus of Programme No. 10/2013 (Item No. 4 & 5) – Electrician Grade-II (Category No. 438/2012), Department : (Govt. Presses).


Electrical Engineering

1. Electrical safety precautions: Use, care and maintenance of different Hand tools used in electrical engineering Laboratory and work shop- First Aid Practices.

2. Basic Electrical Engineering : Basic Atomic structure – Electron theory -Electric current – Potential Difference – Resistance – Law of resistance – Ohm’s Law -Classification of Electrical materials – Conductors – Insutators and semi conductors – Insulating materials used in electrical equipment – types, grades and size of insulated wires and cables – use of Standard wire gauge . Selection of cables for electrical engineering applications. Introduction to different types of solders and fluxes. Use of soldering iron and Crimping tools.

3. Electrical Wiring: Electrical signs Letters and symbols approved as per IE rules – specification of common electrical accessories used in electrical engineering lab and workshop- Its specifications. Electrical accessories used in wiring – specifications – simple house wiring, stair case wiring. Hospital wiring, Go Down wiring – Wiring of control panels – Main Board wiring – Electrical circuits and sub circuits. Use of fuse – Different types of Fuses and Cut out -Kit Kat fuse – HRC Fuses – Neutral Links – Circuit breakers used in wiring of Installations – Miniature circuit breakers – Earthing – Earth resistance – types of earthing used in electrical installations – specification and standards of earthing – use of earth tester.

4. Sources of Electrical Energy: Brief description of different sources of electrical energy- Alternators and DC generators (brief descriptions only)- Different types of Generators in AC and DC generation of electricity. Transformers – Types – Basic principle of operation. Electrolysis : Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis – Practical Application of electrolysis- Lead Acid Cell -maintenance of Lead Acid Cells.

5. Electrical Motors: Basic Principle of operation-AC and DC Motors-Types-Squirrel Cage Induction Motor, Slip-ring Induction Motor, Synchronous Motor (Basic Principle of operation only)

6. Electrical Instruments: Electrical instruments for AC and DC measurement. Moving coil and Moving iron Instruments – Basic working principle of Ammeter, Volt meter, Wattmeter, energy meter, clip -on Type meter- use of megger insulation tester. 


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