List of Inventions

Inventions Inventor Country
Air Break George Wastinghouse U.S
Air Conditioner W.H Carrier U.S
Atom Bomb J. Robert Oppenheimer U.S
Atomic Theory john Dalton England
Ballistic Missile Wernher von Braun Germany
Ball-point Pen John J. Loud U.S
Battery (Electric) Alessandro Volta Italy
Bi-cycle Macmillan England
Car (Petrol) Carl Benz Germany
Chronometer John Harrison England
Computer Charles Babbage Britain
Dynamo Michael Faraday England
Dynamite Alfred Nobel Germany
Electric Fan Wheeler U.S
Electric Magnet William Sturgeon Britain
Electric Lamp Thomas Alva Edison U.S
Filim (Movie) Louise Prince France
Fountain Pen Waterman U.S
Galvanometer Andre-Marie Ampere France
Gas Engine Daimler Germany
Jet Propulsion Sir. Frank Whittle England
Helicopter d’Ascanio Italy
Hydrogen Bomb Edward Teller U.S
Loudspeaker Horace Short England
Lift Otis U.S
Machine Gun James Puckle England
Microphone Alexander Graham Bell U.S
Motor Cycle G. Daimler of Cannstatt Germany
Safety Pin Walter Hunt U.S
Solar System Copernicus Poland
Stainless Steel Harry Brearley England
Telephone Graham Bell U.S
Television J. L. Baird Germany
Watch Bartholomew Manfredi Italy
X-ray Rontgen Germany

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