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Largest in the World

Largest continent Asia
Largest ocean Pacific
Largest river Amazon
Largest river basin Amazon
Largest lake (salt water) Caspian sea
Largest lake (fresh water) Lake Superior (North
Largest artificial lake Lake Mead at Hoover Dam,
(USA). Originally known as Boulder.
Largest bay  Hudson Bay (North Canada)
Largest gulf  Gulf of Mexico
Largest gorge Grand Canyon (USA)
Largest sea South China sea
Largest delta Sundarbans (India & Bangladesh)
Largest peninsula Arabia
Largest island Greenland
Largest country (in area) Russia
Largest country (in population) China
Largest temple Angkorwat (Cambodia)
Largest archipelago Indonesia
Largest airport King Khalid International Airport at
Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Largest archipelago Indonesia
Largest church St.Peter’s Basilica, (Rome)
Largest mosque Sha Faisal Mosque (Islamabad)
Largest embassy Russian Embassy (Beijing)
Largest war plane Mirage (France)
Largest prison  Kharkov (Russia)
Largest hotel MGM Grand Hotel and Casino,
Las Vegas (USA)
Largest desert Sahara (Africa)
Largest forest Coniferous Forests of
Northern Russia
Largest stadium Strahove (Czech Republic)
Largest library United States Library of Congress
Largest museum American Museum of
Natural History (New York)
Largest animal Blue whale
Largest land animal  The African Bush Elephant
Largest democracy  India
Largest electorate  India
Largest town Mt. Isa (Queensland)
Largest army China
Largest cricket stadium Melbourne (Australia)
Largest navy USA
Largest air force USA
Largest natural satellite Ganymede (Jupiter)
Largest port New Jersey
Largest book publishing company Mc Graw Hill (New York)
LLargest Dome in the World Astrodome, in Housten
Largest Epic Mahabharat
Largest carnivorous mammal Polar Bear
Largest palace  Imperial Palace, Beijing
Largest dam Three Gorges (China)
Largest landmass  The Eurasian Landmass
Largest park Wood Buffalo National Park (Canada)
Largest zoo  Krugal National Park (South Africa)
Largest river island Majuli (Assam)
Largest inland sea Mediterranean sea
Largest canal Keil Canal in Germany
Largest reef  Great Barrier Reef, (Australia)
Largest city (population) Tokyo (Japan)
Largest estuary Ob (Russia)
Largest cave  Mammoth Cave, Kentucky (USA)
Largest strait Tartar strait
Largest wall The Great Wall (China)
Largest cemetery Leningrad (Russia)
Largest railway station Grand Central Terminal
(New York)
Largest university building  University of Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)
Largest open university Indira Gandhi National
Open University (New Delhi)
Largest steel plant  Nippon Steel plant (Japan)
Largest wingspan Albatross
Largest active volcano Mauna lao on Hawaii
Largest planet Jupiter
Largest bird Ostrich
Largest sea bird  Albatross

First in World

  • The first persons to reach Mount Everest  –  Sherpa Tenzing, Edmund Hillary
  • The first person to reach North Pole – Robert Peary
  • The first person to reach South Pole – Amundsen
  • The first religion of the world – Hinduism
  • The first country to print book – China
  • The first country to issue paper currency – China
  • The first country to commence competitive examination in civil services – China
  • The first President of the U.S.A – George Washington
  • The first Prime Minister of Britain – Robert Walpole
  • The first Governor General of the United Nations – Trigveli (Norway)
  • The first country to prepare a constitution – U.S.A
  • The first Governor General of Pakistan – Mohd. Ali Jinnah
  • The first country to host NAM summit – Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
  • The first European to attack India – Alexander, The Great
  • The first European to reach China – Marco Polo
  • The first person to fly aeroplane – Wright Brothers
  • The first person to sail round the world – Magellan
  • The first country to send man to the moon – U.S.A
  • The first country to launch Artificial satellite in the space – Russia
  • The first country to host the modern Olympics – Greece
  • First human in space – Yuri Gagarin (Russia)
  • The first city on which the atom bomb was dropped – Hiroshima (Japan)
  • The first person to land on the moon Neil Armstrong followed by – Edwin E. Aldrin
  • The first shuttle to go in space – Columbia
  • The first spacecraft to reach on Mars – Viking-I
  • The first woman Prime Minister of England – Margaret Thatcher
  • The first Muslim Prime Minister of a country – Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan)
  • The first woman to climb Mount Everest – Mrs. Junko Tabei (Japan)
  • The first woman cosmonaut of the world – Valentina Tereshkova (Russia)
  • The first woman President of the U.N. General Assembly – Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
  • The first batsman to score three test century in three successive tests on debut – Mohd. Azharuddin
  • The first man to have climbed Mount Everest twice – Nawang Gombu
  • The first U.S. President to resign Presidency – Richard Nixon
  • Chinese Traveller to India – Fahein
  • Foreign Invader to India – Alexander the Great
  • Person in Space – Yuri Gagarin
  • Person on Moon – Neil Armstrong
  • The first woman to climb Mount Everest – Junko Taibei
  • The first European to visit China – Marco Polo
  • Man to walk in Space – Alexei Leonov
  • The first woman Prime Minister of a country – Mrs. Srimavo Bhandarnaike
  • The first woman President of a country – Maria Estela Peron
  • The first woman to Command a Space Mission Colonel – Eileen Collins (U.S.A.)
  • First talkie movie in the world – “The jazz Singer” (1927).
  • The first residents of International Space station – Bill Shepherd (USA), Yuri Gidzanko and Sergei Krikalev (Russia)
  • The first blind man to scale Mt. Everest – Erik Weihenmayer (USA, May 25, 2001)
  • The first Muslim woman to become the Secretary General of Amnesty International – lrine Zubeida Khan
  • The first space astronaut to go into space seven times till date – Jerry Ross (U.S.A.)
  • The first South African to become the second space tourist – Mark Shuttleworth
  • The first woman Prime Minister of South Korea – Ms. Chang Sang
  • The first youngest grandmaster of the world in chess – Sergey Karjakin (Ukraine)
  • The first adventurer flying successfully across the English Channel without aircraft – Felix Baumgartner (July 2003)
  • China’s first man in space – Yang Liwei
  • The first Muslim woman to receive Nobel Prize – Shirin Ebadi (Nobel Peace Prize 2003)
  • The woman with the highest individual Test score making a new world record – Kiran Baloch (Pakistani cricketer, scoring 242 runs playing women’s cricket test against West Indies in Karachi in March, 2004)
  • The first woman of the world to climb Mt. Everest four times – Lakpa Sherpa (Nepali)
  • The first woman to cross seven important seas of the world by swimming – Bula Chaudhury (India)
  • First Asian city to host Olympics – Tokyo, Japan (1964)
  • First woman black tennis player to win a singles title at Wimbledon – A Gibson (1957)
  • First woman to win a Grand Slam – Maureen Catherine (195 3)
  • First woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal – Charlotte Cooper, UK, Tennis singles (1900)
  • First professional woman bullfighter – Patricia Mccormick (1952)
  • First man to fly solo non stop across the Atlantic – Charles Lindbergh (1927)
  • First person to cross Antarctic Circle – James Cook (1773)
  • First people to reach the North Pole – Lt Col. Joseph O. Fletcher and Lt. William P. Benedict (1952)
  • First person to conquer the Everest twice – Nawang Gombu Sherpa(1965)
  • First person with only one arm to climb the Everest – American Gary Guller(2003)
  • First woman to fly solo around the world – jerrie Fredritz Mock.(1964)
  • First woman to fly solo across the English Channel – Hariiet Quimby
  • First ascent of Everest without bottled oxygen – Peter Habeler (Austria) and Reinhold Messner, (Italy) (1978)
  • First Atom Bomb – “Little Boy” dropped over Hiroshima by the US during the second world war (1945)
  • First manned space vehicle – Vostok 1,USSR (1961)
  • First human to walk on the Moon – Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11(1969)
  • First human to walk in space – Alexei Arkhovich Leonov (1965)