Detailed Syllabus MAY 2014 – Vocational Instructor in General Insurance

Kerala PSC detailed syllabus of Vocational Instructor in General Insurance (Vocational Higher Secondary Education) (Category No. 599/2012 & 600/2012).

Part I : Business Insurance & Commerce 

1. Business – Meaning- Characteristics- Branches of business – Industry-Commerce- Types of Industry -Commerce- Trade- Aids to trade Functions of Commerce.

2. Service Sectors in Business – Banks – Types of Banks – Functions of Commercial Bank- Types of Deposits – Types of lending agency Service, General utility service- New trends in banking sector – e-banking- ATM – Debit Card- Credit Card etc.,

3. Risk in business- Meaning- Types of risks – Causes of Risk – Insurable and non insurable – Different types of Insurance Policies.

4. Principles of Insurance – Insurable interest, utmost good faith, Indemnity, subrogation, Contributions.