Lord Canning – Viceroys of India

  • The British Governor General during the first war of Indian Independence – Lord Canning
  • First Viceroy of India – Lord Canning
  • Doctrine of Lapse was officially withdrawn by Lord Canning (1859)
  • Who introduced income tax first in India – Lord Canning
  • The viceroy of India, who passed the Indian Penal Code – Lord Canning (1860)
  • White mutiny in English East India company during the period of – Lord Canning (1859)
  • Indigo Revolt in Bengal, during the period of Lord Canning (1860)
  • The Indian High Court Act was passed in 1861 by Lord Canning
  • Indian Council Act of 1861 was passed by Lord Canning
  • Portfolio system was introduced by – Lord Canning (1861)
  • He introduced certain reforms in the army.

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