7 Books That Can Boost Your Self-Confidence!

There is a book for just about everything; especially if it helps you deal with a mental or psychical problem. People usually suffer from low self-esteem at times and they are in great need to boost their confidence. Hence, we recommend a set of books that will help you do just that.

You will be able to make new friends, have a warm chat with your parents or even do the things that you were nervous about doing. Let the stories covered in these books pick up the helpless child out of you and turn you into a superhero.

Seven Books – That Can Boost Your Self-Confidence!

1. Instant Confidence By Gary Vurnum

There are about 92 instructions contained in this book and you follow them in the right order, you will feel more confident or become confident. This book is a great guide to unlocking your self-confidence as well as helps you conquer your fears.

2. The Breakout Principle By Herbert Benson and William Proctor

Sometimes the best way to deal with a problem is to simply walk away from it, especially if they cannot be resolved. That is where “The Breakout Principle” comes into play. It includes unconventional tips like walking into the woods to finish your novel.

It even says that humming can make you a better tennis player and that completely giving up is the best way to succeed.

3. 100 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence By Barton Goldsmith PhD

Dr. Barton Goldsmith’s book is the stuff of dreams. He has carefully mapped out various ways that can help people throw away their woes and become someone that people will feel naturally inclined to. He says that if you don’t believe in yourself, everything will become more difficult and he is right.

If we don’t believe in ourselves, then our whole life will go right past us in the blink of an eye. The book helps us how to:

  • Discover the potential of your personal power and believe in yourself
  • We can make the life we want with practical “feel-good” behaviors
  • Shrink your doubts, enhance your self-worth and make the world a better place

4. Holes by Louis Sachar

This is a best-selling children’s book that tells the story of a boy who thinks that he is doomed and then learns to overcome those fears throughout the course of the story. The title of the story may not make sense initially but upon reading you will realize that sometimes in life, you to dig holes to know who you really are and what you want.

It is supposed to be hard, but you will get there eventually.

5. Awaken the Giant Within By Tony Robbins

If the title didn’t already give it away, then let us tell you what Tony Robbins is trying to say. He is talking about waking up the giant that is within you, as in the person who is ready to take on the world and get to the top.

Mr. Robbins has brilliantly laid out the most effective strategies and techniques that will help you master your emotions, relationships, body, finances and best of all, your life. You can discover your true purpose and then be able to take control of your life as well as harness the forces to shape your destiny.

6. What’s Holding You Back? By Sam Horn

How many times have you felt powerless in the face of uncertainty, awkward with strangers or even helpless in new and unknown situations? Many we suppose! And that is where Sam Horn’s powerful book, “What’s holding you back?” comes into play.

It will bless you with a solid sense of self-assurance that doesn’t really matter where you are and who you are with. The book contains a user-friendly program that you can start using immediately. You will learn how to:

  • Be a self-coach instead of being your own worst critic. In other words, you can turn your own mistakes and failures into lessons
  • Walk into a place packed with strangers and turn them into your friends.
  • Comfortably converse without having to feel nervous or worried again
  • Be free from comparison trap
  • Go to places on your own and have fun rather than being afraid

7. The Confidence Plan by Tim Ursiny

 This is a smart and practical book that will help you deal with five essential paths to help enhance your self-confidence. Dr. Tim Ursiny can show you how to do that with the following:

  • Mental strategies that form beliefs which will lead to peak performance
  • Behavioral tactics for making actions that lead to success
  • Emotional approaches for feeling a deep confidence
  • Relationship factors to develop a community that recharges you
  • Spiritual centeredness that creates solid confidence by living your mission and purpose

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