How to Prepare for PSC examination

How to prepare for psc examination: Preparation for PSC examination is very difficult in today’s competitive world. Because the dream of all persons in India to become a Government Servant; and make security of their future. For this, we want contribute some hard work and practices. Because, excellence in today’s competitive work place demand more than a throughout knowledge of a specialized field, and also people skill is very important.

how to prepare for psc examination

People skill means, the ability to inspire others, sense of co – operation and dedication. Equally vital is the mastery of a range of practical skills from the effective analysis of time management, confidence and determined attitudes towards the future career.

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How to prepare for PSC examination

For an effective preparation to PSC examinations, we must travel a long way of General Knowledge. For this we must take some necessary steps.

Developing Candidates Potential

To become a Public Servant via PSC examination candidate must work to fulfill your own potential. Learn to build your own strength and to develop the personal qualities that are the key to performing well in PSC Examinations. Development of candidate potential includes.

Building of Key Attributes

Every human beings have many talents that can be turned in to engines of success. Yet the best performance requires more than mere talent. If includes determination, vision and confidence.


  • Firstly, Identification of strength and weakness and rectify them.
  • Do things through the easy way and play to your strength.
  • Accept critical comments and act to remedy faults.


First we must identify and set a clean vision about PSC examination or as become a Govt. servant. One self we access our mission our self and have a realistic understanding to our abilities. The great men and women of history all had sense of vision and mission. Ask our self where we want to go and to be the end of each decade that lies ahead.


Our mission should be broken down in to a flexible operating plan that will be enable us to take correct, achievable steps steps towards realizing our ultimate goal. So we must set our dream goal is to become a government servant and prepare the proper manner way to overcome PSC examinations very clearly.

Developing Confidence

Confidence is our self and our abilities is an essential attribute for serving of government sector, and also we have confidence to face the difficulties arising on PSC examination. We can develop self confidence through continuous practices and successful preparation of the PSC examination by hard working.

Questions to ask Yourself:

  • Do I rate the quality of my performance everyday?
  • Am I working on a method that will improve results?
  • Do I take criticism from others and react well to it?
  • Do I remind myself of what I did well in the past?

Improving Memory

A good memory is a great asset. PSC examination was made by an ocean of knowledge. We must learn about so many things in this world of it. So we should improve our memory power. Even the most amazing memory expert can memorize all  things related PSC exam questions and he can pass PSC examinations very easily.

So every Indian have an unique dream, to become a government servant. For attain this objective, they tried very much and competitively. So PSC is a competitive field for reaching this sector, we must travel a long far away and also working very hard. It is easy to achieve this objective by continuous practice of PSC questions and answers and also learning of knowledge.

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