PSC Study Materials 4: Kerala PSC Study Materials

Famous sports personalities and their related sports.

Name Sports
Pele Football
Muhammed Ali Boxing
Carl Lewis Athlete
Jesse Owens Athlete
Sir Donald Bradman Cricket
Billie Jean King Tennis
Usain Bolt Athlete
Eddy Merckx Cycling
Lionel Messi Football
Michael Jordan Basketball
Larisa Latynina Gymnastics
Diego Maradona Football
Serena Williams Tennis
Babe Ruth Baseball
Roger Federer Tennis
Martina Navratilova Tennis
Ali Sher Golf
Allan Boarder Cricket
Amar Sing Sockhi Cycling
Anil Sood Swimming
Ashok Shandilya Billiards
Aswini Nechappa Athletics
Bahadur Singh Athletics
Chris Evert Tennis
Dhyan Chand Hockey
Dibyendu Barua Chess
Dingko Singh Boxing
Jansher Khan Squash
Jaspal Rana Shooting

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