Kerala PSC Sub Engineer (Electrical) Previous, Model Questions and Answers

Kerala PSC Electrical Sub Engineer Exam Previous and Model Questions and Answers.

1. Electric power is typically measured in what units?
Ans : Watts

2. Electric current is measured using what device?
Ans : Ammeter

3. The unit of electric current is the……..?
Ans : Ampere

4. What is the unit of electrical resistance?
Ans : The Ohm

5. How is power calculated?
Ans : Multiply current by voltage

6. In a ____________ the switch is closed and electric current flows from the source through the connection device.
Ans : Closed Circuit

7. This device is used to open and close a circuit?
Ans : Switch

8. What is the study of charges in motion?
Ans : Electrodynamics

9. Coal, hydroelectric, wind, nuclear, and solar thermal power plants all have this equipment in common.
Ans : Turbines

10. A battery is connected to a resistor. As charge flows, the chemical energy of the battery is dissipated as………?
Ans : Thermal energy

11. Materials with lots of free electrons are called
Ans : Conductors

12. Electrons in the outer orbit are called……..?
Ans : valences

13. The current in a given circuit is not to exceed 24 A. Which value of fuse is best?
Ans : 24 A

14. What does LED stand for?
Ans : Light Emitting Diode

15. The current requirement of a LED is………?
Ans : Between 3 and 35mA

16. The ratio of the resistance of a 200W, 230V lamp to that of a 100W, 115V lamp will be………?
Ans : 2

17.  If one cycle of ac waveform occurs every milli – second, the frequency will be………?
Ans : 1000 Hz

18. The Q- factor of a coil is given by……?
Ans : Reciprocal of its power factor.

19. A battery is a source of……….?
Ans : DC Voltage

20. During charging, the electrolyte of a lead acid cell becomes?
Ans : Diluted.

21. The burning of fossil fuels does not release?
Ans : Potential energy

22. Geothermal energy is…………..?
Ans : Generated in rocks below the Earth’s surface

23. Humans get their own energy from?
Ans : Foods

24. A sine wave voltage is applied across a capacitor. When the frequency of the voltage is decreased, the current?
Ans : decreases

25. When the voltage across a capacitor is tripled, the stored charge
Ans : Triples

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