6 Important Things Prospective Recruiters Look For In an Ideal Job Application


Over the period of time, the job market has undergone tremendous changes. Now, finding a job that is suitable for your career seems hard to accomplish and even if you find one, you have to go through a lengthy recruitment procedure to completely secure the job.

A potential employer always hires a new employee while keeping in mind his past experiences. And for this reason, every employer set his own criteria of hiring. Hence, you can never be totally certain what type of factors is the employer looking for to hire you for the job.

However, there are still some common yet important elements or traits that almost all potential employers consider as standard criteria. Let’s take a look at them.

Employers Always For Higher Intellect :

Many experts have researched and have come to this conclusion that if an employee is highly intellectual and intelligent, then he is able to subsidize about 80% of their productivity level. The intellect here doesn’t indicate that the employee must have a great I.Q level, although a good I.Q is an add on but here being an intellectual employee means that you have to be very rational in making plans, organizing official tasks, coming up with the best possible solutions and no matter how difficult the task is, getting it done efficiently.

Your employer will be pretty much interested to know how diligent you are in dealing with the daily routine challenges.

Do You Possess Leadership Quality?

Of course, it is not possible that you get completely trusted with the job in the beginning of your job. But then achieving the trust is totally up to you. In your interview you must convince your prospective employer that you possess leadership qualities.

Obviously your employer would expect a lot from you as a team lead. Being a leader doesn’t mean you just enjoy the authority. But, it means you should have enough guts to accept all the challenges and work together as a team to produce fruitful results.

Are You Reliable To Hire As An Employee?

So this is the main concern almost every employer has while hiring a new employee. Before going for a job, what matters the most is that are you reliable enough to be hired as an employee. To be trusted by others, you must first get true to yourself. You must openly accept your strengths and weaknesses and take the criticism in a positive way to polish your skills for future.

Now the question is how your prospective employer will get to know whether or not you can be trusted before welcoming you on board. For instance, during the interview your interviewer may ask you questions like, why have you left the previous job? Now if you start by saying all the negative things about the company where you have worked previously, obviously this will degrade you in front of the employer.

So, no matter how your experience was in the previous company, never talk bad about your previous employers and never leak their information that is confidential in front of anyone.

Are You Friendly?

Every employer wants to give a warm and friendly environment to their employees, where everyone can get along easily. Moreover, they want someone who can work in teams and is tolerable of any situation.

So, may be in your previous work experiences you haven’t got the chance of working in a team, but you should have quality of working as a team. Keep in mind that for many companies working as a team is a strategic strength to achieve success.

What Is Your Competency Level?

It has been mentioned above while discussing intellectual, your employers would expect you to be competent. Remember that being a competent person, you can easily find out ways to get your company to success. Remember that competency is all that counts in the professional work, regardless of the profession.

You Have To Be Courageous:

Obviously in a job, not everything comes easily and not every solution is easy to find. At times, you have to go beyond your practices to get something done, which involves a lot of risk taking from your end. So, if you are ready to take risks, consider yourself in already.


  1. thank you for these tips since once you know what the employer is thinking, you can focus on the areas you need to work on to impress the employer and secure a job for yourself.

  2. So, may be in your previous work experiences you haven’t got the chance of working in a team, but you should have quality of working as a team. Keep in mind that for many companies working as a team is a strategic strength to achieve success.

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