Reasons Why You Should Commit Your Goals to Writing

Our goals spring from our desires to gain fame, wealth, recognition and success. Many can aim for success but without a solid goal plans and design framework to attain these goals; this is not always possible or feasible. There are many reasons why one should commit goals in writing and these are just some of them.

  1. Thinking is one thing, acting is another: We can think a world of good about ourselves, but this can only turn into concrete reality if and when it is put in print or better still, in ink and paper. Wishful thinking certainly does not provide any impetus to our goal seeking and fulfillment but writing them down and planning an Action Plan certainly does
  2. Writing clears mental blocks and finds a way out of the maze of jumbled and confused goal seeking: If our immediate goal is to write minimum 20 pages per day, just wishful thinking is not enough. We need to put this in writing, chalk out a solid Action Plan and Road map and make sure that these are achieved through passing out of each milestone. If we wish to make $200,000 per year, we not only need to wish this in our minds but also have a good Road Map and Action Plan to achieve this within the next 12-34 months
  3. Once we have our goals in actions, our psyches automatically think up ways and means by which this could be readily achieved: The human mind is better than any modern computer and can think, reason and act faster and more intelligently than any computer. When the goals are fixed in paper, our minds automatically realign and react to find ways and means to achieve them as soon as possible. This can indeed be tested out on any Career or Business Plan and you can see for yourself how it works best for you
  4. When it is in writing, roadblocks and barriers move over:  When the goals are determined, the mind also thinks of ways and means to overcome and climb over roadblocks and obstacles along the path. When there are problems there are also solutions and goal seeker need to find ways and means to overcome them through dedicated efforts, patience, perseverance, positve and progressive thinking.
  5. Goals in the mind can be erased or deleted by negative thinking, fear of failures and lack of confidence in oneself, but this is not possible when you put it in black and white:

Human minds are fickle and dynamic and do not remain in constant flow over time. It is not only necessary but also important that ways and means are developed that could address issues and solve them The first step would indeed be in terms of putting down out goals in writing, chalking out a SOLID ROAD MAP  and also foreseeing barriers, obstacles and roadblock and seeking ways of climbing over them, for attaining our goals. The real challenge lies here and human psyches are well grounded to meet and overcome them

Conclusion: The proof of the pudding is indeed in the eating and therefore, it is well within one’s competencies to write down our specific goals- like I WANT TO MAKE $200,,000 PER YEAR and seek honest ways and means by which these could be really achieved for common good. We make money for our family and community benefits too and this could add more robustness and strength to our aims and goal seeking ventures.



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