Kerala PSC Beat Forest Officer (582/2017) Solved Question Paper April 2018

Here can find the solved question paper for Kerala PSC Beat Forest Officer (582/2017). Exam held on 07/04/2018. Download Kerala PSC Beat Forest Officer, Category 582/2017 question paper. Download answer key – Kerala PSC Beat Forest Officer.

Beat Forest Officer Solved Question Paper April 2018

1. Name the programme introduced by Government of Kerala for differentially abled persons for rehabilitation in 2017.
A) Kaithang B) Athijeevanam C) Kaivalya D) Ardram
Ans: C) Kaivalya

2. The Japanese writer who gets Noble prize for literature ?
A) Yokio Mishima B) Sawako Ariyoshi C) Kisho Kurokawa D) Kazuolshiguro
Ans: D) Kazuolshiguro

3. which among the following is known as first political drama of Malayalam ?
A) Pattabakki B) Koottukrishi C) Mooladhanam D) Ningalenne Communistakki
Ans: A) Pattabakki

4. In India which one among the following formulates the Fiscal Policy ?
A) RBl B) Ministry of Finance C) Planning Commission D) Finance Commission
Ans: B) Ministry of Finance

5. Name the Indian state formed on 1St December 1963.
A) Sikkim B) ArunachalPradesh C) Nagaland D) Manipur
Ans: C) Nagaland

6. The day on which Right to Information Act came into force on is
A) 12th October 2005 B) 15th August 2005 C) 10th January 2005 D) 26th January 2005
Ans: A) 12th October 2005

7. ‘Palaruvi Express’ travels between
A) Punaloor — Trivandrum B) Punaloor — Palakkad C) Punaloor — Shornur D) Punaloor — Kollam
Ans: D) Punaloor — Kollam

8. Name the socio-reformer who led Thali Road Samaram.
A) T. K. Madhavan B) Vakbhatanenda C) T. V. Krishnan D) C. Krishnan
Ans: D) C. Krishnan

9. ‘International Day of ‘Non-violence’ is observes on
A) 30th January B) 6th August C) 2nd October D) 16th November
Ans: C) 2nd October

10. Name the film which gets Suvarna Chakoram for the best film in IFFK 2017.
A) Candelaria B) Wajib C) Malila D) I still hide to smoke
Ans: B) Wajib

11. The book ‘Manninu Vendi’ was written by
A) A. K. Gopalan B) K. Thayatt C) K. Macihavan D) Cherukadu
Ans: A) A. K. Gopalan

12. Which was the opponent team of India in their 500th test cricket match?
A) Australia C) South Africa B) England D) New Zealand
Ans: D) New Zealand

13. Who among the following is known as “Martin Luther of lndia’ ?
A) Vivekananda B) Dayananda Saraswati C) Rajaram Mohan Rai D) Tagore
Ans: B) Dayananda Saraswati

14. ___________ of Indian Constitution provides- right against exploitation.
A) Article 25 B) Article 26 C) Article 23 D) Article 52
Ans: C) Article 23

15. Which atomic power station in India is built completely indigenously?
A) Tarapore B)Narora C)Rawat Bhata D)Kalpakkam
Ans: D)Kalpakkam

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