GK 12: General Knowledge Questions and Answers

GK 12 General Knowledge Questions

1. The term Fourth Estate refers to :
Answer : Press

2. The last French Settlement in India was at :
Answer : Mahe

3. The Capital of Sikkim :
Answer : Gangtok

4. Panini is associated with :
Answer : Grammar

5. The mineral present in thyroxine is :
Answer : Iodine

6. Normally hen’s eggs hatch in :
Answer : 21 days

7. Paralysis is caused by disorders connected with :
Answer : Brain

9. With which crop is the name Jaya associated?
Answer : Rice

10. Taoism is associated with…………..?
Answer : Lao Tse

11. ‘Man is born free and every where he is in chains’. Who said this?
Answer : Rousseau

12. The Chinese traveller, Huen Tsang visited India at the time of ………….?
Answer : Harsha Vardhana

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