GK 15: General Knowledge Questions and Answers

GK 15 General Knowledge Questions

1. Which country won the World Cup Football tournament for the first time ?
Answer : Uruguay

2. The last Diwan of Travancore State :
Answer : Sri. C.P. Ramaswami Iyer

3. Which is the Samadhi of Rajiv Gandhi?
Answer : Veer Bhoomi

4. Who wrote the essay on the priciples of population?
Answer : Malthus

5. AIDS is caused by :
Answer : Virus

6. The Language of Lakshadweep :
Answer : Malayalam

7. Gobar gas mainly contains :
Answer : Methane

8. Raja Ravi Varma was famous for :
Answer : Painter

9. Jerusalem is located in :
Answer : Israel

10. The term of office of a member of Rajya Sabha :
Answer : 6 Years

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