GK 22: General Knowledge Questions and Answers

GK 22 General Knowledge Questions

1. When was Mahatma Gandhi born?
Answer : October 2, 1869

2. ‘The God of Small Things’ was written by :
Answer : Arundhati Roy

3. The author of ‘Lajja'(Shame) is :
Answer : Taslima Nasreen

4. The term ‘jockey’ is associated with :
Answer : Horse Racing

5. A person is known as ‘the man of destiny’?
Answer : Nepoleon Bonapart

6. The Indian Prime Minister who wrote a book on naturopathy?
Answer : Morarji Desai

5. Dynamo was invented by :
Answer : Faraday

6. Where is the Central Rice Research Institute Situated?
Answer : Pattambi

7. Example of communicable disease?
Answer : Small pox

8. Kuchipudi Orginated in :
Answer : Andhra Pradesh

9. Calcium Carbonate is the chemical name of :
Answer : Lime Stone

10. The country which ranks first in the production of newsprint?
Answer : Canada

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