Assistant Professor Microbiology Questions 2019

1.Which article defines the amendment of Indian constitution ?
AnswerArticle 368
2.'Ormakalude Bhramanapatham' is the autobiography of
AnswerNambi Narayanan
3.Which was the centre of 'Tholviraku Samaram'?
4.Origin of classical dance 'Kathak' is in
5.First Electronic digital computer of the world is
6.Name the book written by Anna Burns, which gets Man Booker Prize in 2018
7.Where was the venue of first session of Yogakshema sabha ?
8.World Habitat Day is observed on
AnswerOctober 13
9.Who was the first editor of monthly namely 'Vivekodayam' ?
AnswerKumaran Asan
10.Name the programme of government of Kerala for rehabilitation of differently abled

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