Language Teacher Hindi 2019 – GK Questions

1.Kalamandalm Haiderali belongs to which art form ?
AnswerKathakali Song
2.'Thunchan Matam' situates in which district ?
3.Name the native state known as the 'Nursery of Bengal Army'
4.Who is the first President of Travancore State Congress formed in 1938 ?
AnswerPattom Thanupillai
5.The famous 'Temple Entry Proclamation' was in
Answer1936, November 12
6.The birth place of Sri Narayana Guru
7.Who published 'Atmavidyakahalam' ?
8.The place in Kerala which was under the direct control of British
9.Who is the author of Malayalam story, "Biriyani" ?
AnswerSanthosh Aichikanam
10.Who won the Vallathol prize 2018 ?
AnswerM. Mukundan


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