Mock Test 4: GK Questions – 04.11.2019

1The headquarters of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) formed in 2009:
2 Woolen industrial units are largely concentrated in the north Indian states namely.......
3 Which one among the following rivers does not flow into the Bay of Bengal?
4 If a person submits an application to the State Public Information Officer under the Right to Information Act, a reply to be furnished to him within a period of ........ days
5 The phenomenon of splitting of light into its constituents:
6 Jindhagada Peak (1690m), the highest point in Eastern Ghats is in the state of:
7 The surface that absorbs all the colours in the spectrum will be seen as:
8 The gas formed in Sun as the result of nuclear fusion:
9 To prepare a presentation/ slide show which application is commonly used?
10 What is correcting errors in a program called?


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